Hi Prince!


Is that —-

It is!


His dear, sweet, terribly sickly cousin! What a pleasure to run into him. The Littlest Prince’s hand wavers just above the bandages on his cousin’s arm. 

"These aren’t new, are they?"

Excuse me, do you mind increasing the font size on your page? I really would love to read it, but my vision is bad and it's just too small. Thanks! :)

ahh, i’m trying to right now but it’s not changing!

Blinks at you.

He’s rolled up an entire town without truly thinking on the consequences of his actions, but now that it’s over with and his katamari’s bigger than ever, he’s beginning to feel a bit….shameful, maybe. Embarrassed. 


hello everyone! i’m glad to be a new member of e.r. i hope we can all become good friends!

it’s been awhile since my last roleplay group, and i’ve honestly only ever been in one, so i hope i do not disappoint!


The Prince?…of what?

all the cosmos!


Uhm, hey there. I’m Norman.
How’s it goin’?

i am how you say sleepy!

hello young norman i am the prince.


Sketch of a WIP.

Its called the milky Way for some reason.